Cooking Videos and Recipes


We have put together some resources to help with using food from a typical food parcel with the help of the ‘Working together for Avondale’ COVID-19 community support group and with the support of Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust which kindly lent us its audio recording equipment and lights. Les Hoggan produced the videos.

The first video shows Theo from Roasted in Strathaven breaking the contents of a typical food parcel from Strathaven Foodbank into meals to last a week.

The second video shows Theo from Roasted preparing a chicken curry from food parcel ingredients.

The third video shows Theo using items from a typical food parcel, plus tomatoes from Ann Davidson Butchers to make a delicious and nutritious Tuna Couscous

The fourth video shows Theo cooking a Sunday Dinner using corned beef, stuffing, carrots, peas and potatoes, all using items from a typical food parcel.

The fifth video shows Theo cooking Pasta Carbonara using typical items from a food parcel.

Below are a few useful resources to help with cooking.

Here’s a link to a video with hints on cooking